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Throughout the ages, mankind has sought the wisdom to know the Self in the Light of Truth, to understand the mysteries of our existence and seek comfort from the Divine.

Elizabeth Williams was born with the gift of Mediumship. As she grew older, and matured in the Oneness, her capacity to channel grew and unfolded. Connecting with Ascended

Mission Statement


To facilitate communication with the non-physical world, to awaken a greater understanding of life everlasting and to provide spiritual mentoring for all those on the path of Ascension, ultimately achieving a higher level of Consciousness.





Masters, Beings of Light, and Cosmic Intelligence manifested for the benefit of her clients. She has developed into one of the world’s most renowned mediums of our times and all those who know her attest to her ability. Communication with the Divine brings guidance for healing, spiritual mentoring, self mastery and Ascension into Oneness.

Her devotion to those in the Divine grew and a trusting relationship developed, allowing for direct communication and teaching. As part of her work, she is currently orchestrating meditation groups designed by the Light Beings to open the Etheric field to align with higher frequencies and vibration of the Greater Consciousness. Elizabeth has been particularly helpful in connecting those on the earth plane with those who become disincarnate (the non-physical). For those of us who are left behind by souls that departed suddenly, Elizabeth has a profound healing gift of bringing us back into rapport with those we love and miss. The work of transformation Elizabeth has chosen is not only a personal endeavor. As a medium, she facilitates transformation with her gift of bringing in higher frequencies of Light from the Temple of Truth, the Divine Counsels of Light, the Elohim and the Cosmic Central Sun. As a Spiritual Mentor, Elizabeth offers many opportunities to awaken to the Truth and Light within them.

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