Who We Are

The Center of Truth and Light was founded in 1999 on a vision of Divine Inspiration by Spiritualist Minister and Professional Medium Elizabeth Williams.  The center was designed to offer a place of sanctuary, healing and spiritual growth.   


At the center clients seek comfort from grief and loss as they're connected to their dearly departed loved ones during grief counseling sessions also referred to as "readings".  


In addition to grief counseling, spiritual guidance from the Angelic Kingdom and Spiritual Masters provide insight, guidance, and direction in every day life and support each individual's journey to self-mastery.  This can be accomplished via both individual sessions or as a member of weekly group classes on spiritual growth and a deeper development of intuition.

Elizabeth also comes to you upon request for soul gatherings (group sessions with departed loved ones), as well as teaches various mystical classes for groups upon request.  


Elizabeth was born with the gift of mediumship, a family trait handed down for generations. Since early childhood, Elizabeth set high aspirations to help as many people as possible heal from grief and loss. Perhaps her greatest gift and what she is distinctly known for is bringing 1000's of people back into rapport with those they love and miss. 

Those from the Heavenly realms speak through Elizabeth to individuals and groups seeking a higher levels of consciousness. This interaction does not necessitate interpretation as the direct voices of Divine Beings are heard during the transmission or interaction. The significance of this exchange allows those in the Divine to become physical and directly communicate to people involved with the interaction.

Through natural ability and over 20 years experience with various healing modalities, she is a skilled practitioner. She has a successful, long-standing practice in the community integrating her innate spiritual and intuitive skills to empower self-healing in the lives of her clients. 

Elizabeth has been trained in the following:

  • PROFESSIONAL NURSE: 20 years' experience in both clinical and complementary therapies.  

  • PSYCHOLOGY & THE HEALING ARTS: Extensive training with 16 years of experience in both traditional psychological therapies as well as the healing arts (including Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Hyponotherapy, Reiki, and Healing Touch). 

  • SPIRITUALIST MINISTER:  Ordained Spiritualist Minister with certifications - Elizabeth was ordained into the Spiritualist Ministry by the Church of Infinite Light.  

"Throughout the ages, mankind has sought the wisdom to know the greater Self in the light of truth, and to understand the mysteries of our existence while seeking comfort from the Divine"

Elizabeth Williams
The Center of Truth and Light