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"Conversations with Angels"


1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month

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  • Your Guardian Angels are looking forward to assisting you with guidance and direction for your own specific needs, desires, and questions. If you're interested for a private appointment, in person or over the phone, please call  315-944-8814.


  • $35 per 1.5 hour global teleconference.
  • 1st & 3rd Wed of each month at 6:30 pm EST.

  • Teleconferences will be recorded, allowing you flexibility if you cannot participate in the session.   Listening twice to the sessions will add depth to your reflections and learning.

  • To register, use the form to the right.  "Buy Now" allows you to purchase 1 session for $35 with any credit card or PayPal.   "Subscribe" saves you time as it automatically bills you $35 every month.  You can cancel at any time.


  • If credit card payment cannot be arranged, please contact us directly to discuss payment options. 


  • If you live close to The Center of Truth & Light, there are 15 spaces available - simply call 315-944-8814 to RSVP.  ​Thank you. 

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Conversations with Angels teleconferences


  • These discussions are directed towards all individuals who seek spiritual guidance in a group teleconference setting. One can expect direct communication with the Guardian Angels and Archangels providing insight regarding your soul's growth and evolution and information for everyday practical use.  

  • The Archangels have groups of Angels that work specifically with you to help direct your soul to it's perfection.  We invite you to take this opportunity to ask your Angels what would be beneficial for every individual to do to contribute to the needs of humanity's growth.


  • In addition, each week the Angels will select broad topics which will benefit many in the group.

  • The Angels encourage the participants to select questions that pertain to spiritual growth for the good of humanity.  Please submit these questions prior to the tele-conference via our Contact Us page.