Elizabeth Williams
The Center of Truth and Light
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

A Psychic reads a client with their mental energy.  A Medium however, communicates with "someone", especially your departed loved ones, to help ease the pain of grief and loss. Elizabeth has a unique ability to communicate with Angels, Ascended Masters, and other Divine Beings.     

Question:  How do I record an in-person session?

The best device to record the session is a digital voice recorder.  

Many devices do NOT work effectively including traditional tape recorders and cell phones. One common issue is using the digital recorder on your cell phone - most cell phones will not record effectively due to battery life, your phone "going to sleep" etc... 

Recording the sessions can be valuable as there is an abundance of information that is difficult to capture with written notes.  Many clients report listening again to the session helps them learn so much more - and often clarifies what was said as it can be difficult to remember everything clearly.  

Question:  Can I have sessions done via phone?  I live far away. 

Absolutely.  Elizabeth has 6200 clients from around the world.  Nearly all her sessions can be done over the phone if needed as outlined in the Services pages.

Question:  How can I record a reading or session over the phone?

There are many global services that can record phone calls for free.   Many people utilize  www.FreeConferenceCallHD.com as the calls are free - as well as the recordings.  

Question:  Can I also have a group reading via the phone?

Yes.  The global conference-call or teleconference services mentioned above can include any number of people. You can record these sessions  Also, one or more of the group can be in person at the Center of Truth and Light as well - while others are utilizing the phone.

Question:  How do I prepare for a session?

It's helpful to have a list of questions ready before your session.  Think of significant life questions, which when answered would help you greatly over the long term.  If you're coming for Life-After-Services, have in mind which departed loved ones you wish to talk to - as many may show up - including distant relatives, friends and friends of friends.   

Question:  What do I bring to a Reading?

Again, it's helpful to have a list of questions, as well as water and a notebook. If you are in person - it's strongly recommended to bring a digital recorder.  It is unnecessary to bring photos or objects of departed loved ones.   

Question: How shall I expect to feel after a Reading with Loved Ones?

You decide what your needs are.  Many people want downtime to rest and reflect, others want to shares with others immediately.  When talking with others, please remember because they have not had the same experience, they may react differently.   You (client) are always the best at discerning your own needs.  Elizabeth can make suggestions at the end of the session. 

Question: How do I pay for a session?

Only payments of cash or checks are accepted at this time.  If you're having a session remotely over the phone, please mail a check the day you make a reservation.  The check is not cashed until the session is complete.  

Question: What's the Cancellation Policy?

As soon as you know you have to change your appointment, please notify the office as others are on a waiting list and can be called.