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"Mystical Teachings from the Grand Council"

Teleconferences 1st Tuesday monthly

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  • $55 per 1.5 hour global teleconference.
  • 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm EST.​​​

  • Teleconferences will be recorded, allowing you flexibility if you cannot participate in the session.  Listening twice to the sessions will add depth to your reflections and learning.

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  • If you live close to The Center of Truth & Light, there are 15 spaces available - simply call 315-944-8814 to RSVP.  ​Thank you. 

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Group Sessions

Mystical Teachings with the Grand Council


  • The Grand Council consists of a group of Elders within the heaven realms, who are both masculine & feminine in nature.  Their purpose is to serve humanity.

  • For all those interested in the Mystical Teachings of the Grand Council:  We invite you to participate, in these Council Meetings.   Monthly, the Grand Council will direct, guide, educate, sponsor and lead the souls to enlightened states of consciousness.   

  • These sessions with the Grand Council are channeled and guided to those who are interested in monthly guidance and education.  There will be an overview of the month and what to expect.  There will also be an open forum to the Elders with your questions.  


  • The Grand Council invites you to ask and participate in active discussion post lecture related to mastery of your soul and spiritual development.   You are encouraged to ask specific questions for own soul’s development as these questions may also pertain to others within the group.    

  • These monthly sessions will include spiritual knowledge of the “I AM” Presence, the Grand Masters of the Universe, wisdom, and practical application of knowledge.  It includes any and all mystical information that would involve your soul’s growth, evolution and unification with your higher-self.  ​


  • The knowledge that is shared, when practically applied, will drive the exponential growth of your individual soul while you reside on this planet.  The Grand Council encourages your participation, your questions, your input, and interaction for mystical growth and learning.  

  • Each month an open channel to The Grand Council is recorded and stored for your convenience and easy access.  This allows you to reflect on information and guidance that is presented during the channel.   

  • Practical application of what is known as “soul work” is provided each month, and is meant to be applied on a regular basis, and it will be reviewed during the next council session – or on an individual basis through channel Elizabeth Williams per your request.      

  • This forum is open to people who are interested their own spiritual growth.  

  • Interactive participants will be guided at this time.  A notebook, a glass of water and an open heart is suggested.   Please note that active participation is encouraged.  

  • Participants range from those with all levels of spiritual development. 
Elizabeth Williams
The Center of Truth and Light